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    So I have a Sony Smartwatch 2 and, on a recent holiday, decided to take it swimming. In my defence, although it was a case of absentmindedness, it is supposed to be water resistant to a depth of a metre. Turns out it wasn’t and it started going a bit loopy, eventually ran out of power and wouldn’t charge for a long while.

    Not being a quitter I brought it home, stuffed it in rice for a week (supposed to absorb the water) and tried charging it again … it’s not really working but it is still showing the occasional sign of life.

    So I went to youtube and found out how to disassemble it. which I did without breaking it as far as I can tell. My problem is that, having disassembled it the glue has stretched so I basically need something to replace it. I can see glue things for phones on eBay but nothing for smartphones … so, anyone got any ideas?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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