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    I have be using dual booting in my machine for years…but now I have one of those compaq machines (xp home) that come preloaded with a fat32 hidden recovery partition. It is causing me problems because the recovery partition is the booting partition so you can have the option at boot to go into recovery mode by hitting f10. If you don’t do anything you boot as normal into the main partition which has been formated in ntfs. This uncoventional boot is causing me problems for dual booting.

    Usually I install the older operating system first and everything works great. I also have manually edited the boot.ini file when things have gone wrong.

    I tried installing xp pro but the windows install did not see the xp home installation. I guess that is because it is on ntfs? Is there a way around this? Would it work if I save a copy of the boot.ini from the hidden parttion…..install xpro…then add the string for the new xp pro install to the saved boot into….then copy it back to the hidden partition? :-(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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