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    This will probably be an easy one but I still haven’t resolved it.

    We recently added an Active Directory DC that we plan to migrate users to over the next several months. For years we were still running a NT4 DC and we are still using it. It’s been very reliable and budget has not allowed us to make the move to AD until now.

    We put one user on the AD domain as a guinea pig. This user accesses several shares on a file server that still resides on the NT domain however. There is no logon script being used for her AD account on the AD DC. Instead, we created a local account on the file server and mapped drives from her AD computer to the shares.

    Everything works but she constantly get prompted for her credentials in order to connect to the shares every time after she boots up. Even with the ‘remember credentials’ box checked on her desktop.

    Her desktop and the NT domain file server have the same WINS addresses in their respective network adapter properties. We haven’t done anything with the LMHOSTS files on desktop or the servers. It’s still the untouched sample file.

    This wouldn’t be an issue if everyone was on AD but for now, this is the way it has to be. Maybe mapping by IP might be more reliable than by WINS in this instance. What have I left out?

    Thanks for your help.

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