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Draytek 3900 Router/Firewall

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    Hello Folks,

    Hope somebody can assist me here, I currently have a draytek 3900 brand new router with two lan ports I have two separate stack of switches one set connecting to lan port 2 and the other stack connecting to lan port 1.

    Each stack of switches are all connected correctly and trunking to each other via fibre gbics.

    Switch stack connected to land port 1 has two vlans defined for it.
    The other switch stack has only one clan defined for it.
    I need the two vlans coming from the stack of switches up linked to lan port1 of the draytek, to be able to communicate with the clan defined against the other stack of switches connected to lan port2 of the draytek 3900.

    This is all In a lab environment right now, supposed to be going live later this week!

    Laptops/desktops connected to specific ports which are members of vlans defined per port on the relevant switches can get an IP address from the router acting as a dhcp server per vlan, so that is working, but pc’s on one clan cannot communicate with nodes on other vlans.

    Just to be clear this is all at Layer2, I am convinced it is my misconfiguration on the draytek 3900 lan ports regarding 802.1q configuration on lan port1 and lan port2 which uplink to a trunk port on both different stack of switches.

    I.e. Lan port1 on draytek to trunk port on one stack of switches with 2 x vlans.
    Land port 2 on draytek to trunk port on other stack of switches with 1 x vlan.

    Any help to get this configuration resolved would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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