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    I have a WIndows 2003 Server which is used just for BES and WSUS. Pretty much nothing else is installed on this server.

    Basically we got a notification from the ISP by email that we had used nearly 80% of our 50GB monthly limit in 3 days.

    I had to investigate and found this server to be the culprit. Using the firewall I managed to throttle the connection down to 5k for the internet.

    I looked on the firewall and it tells me that this server has only 2 connections open:

    Whois tells me the first is (I dont know who these are) and the 2nd is Microsoft Data Centre.

    Naturally the first thing I do i remove WSUS, however the uninstall failed and I had to follow other instructions to remove it manually. No now there are no WSUS Services at all…yet the download keeps going.

    Im at a loss of what it could be or what to do to get rid of it.

    AV etc is all up to date….what else could be downloading all this? Rebooted after each stage but the bandwidth monitor I have tells me its still trying to download….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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