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    Hello community.

    Here is a breakdown of the issue:

    We have an 80MB connection with a London based ISP. Recently all downloads of any kind will start fine but suddenly run into an unknown issue and appear to freeze.

    Example #1
    Downloading an ISO image from MSDN will start and go to 33% before becoming frozen.

    Example #2
    Downloading Java will start and get to 48% before becoming frozen.

    All other traffic is absolutely fine. Users are able to stream Pluralsite and Youtube videos – browsing the internet is fast and fluid.

    No other office in our group is having an issue and after speaking with the ISP they cannot see any fault on the line.

    I have not made any configuration changes to the actual network infrastructure in 2 years so cannot understand why downloads (on any machine in the network – or server in the data center would suddenly stall).

    Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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