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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for posting an old DOS question xD. I have changed the shop computer of my customer, which was an old 200mhz MMX with 64mb of RAM, under Windows 95. He has using the Win95 DOS for his old cad software to print and cut with his Roland machines. So basically, I cloned the drive with Acronis, to a AMD 4400+ with an A8N32-SLI and 2x 512mb of ram.

    The issue is that I can go in DOS (not win95 but this we don’t care), but there is an issue with the memory. I cannot get the same amount available to the software than on the 200 MMX.

    here’s some picture (Sorry it is in french)

    As you can see, there is not that much ram available. only 399 (while the other is like over 400). Also, Extended ram is smal (2mb) and no reserved memory. the other computer with emm386.exe RAM gets more than this computer, if I put RAM after. Cannot find out out to have more ram :/

    Any help is appreciate :)

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