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    Will 3C

    Hi there,

    I’m in the middle of an AD rename; it has Exchange in it, and I’ve just read this in the XDR fixup instructions:

    If any domain controllers are running Exchange, you must move all Exchange data off these domain controllers and uninstall Exchange before continuing with the domain rename procedure. It is recommended that you move all Exchange mailboxes and public folder stores to another server and then remove Exchange from the server. Running only the Active Directory Installation Wizard (dcpromo) to demote the domain controller is not sufficient.

    Is this just because MS do not support/recommend Exchange on DCs, and running dcpromo on Exchanges?

    I ask as I had dcpromo’d the Exchange down to a member server before I read this, and I’d like to know whether, since the dcpromo down was successfull, it is in fact necessary to include the fairly hefty disruption in creating a new mail server, or if it is in fact sufficient that the Exchange is no longer a DC. The exchange is no longer mentioned in DNS/AD as having any DC attributes, so I don’t see why this isn’t sufficient.



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