Domain Move and Rename

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    Robert R.


    Forest 01: dev.x.tld
    single domain: dev.x.tld (domain controllers: , )

    Forest 02: x.tld
    domain: x.tld (domain controllers: dc01.x.tld , dc02.x.tld )
    domain: prod.x.tld (domain controllers: , )
    domain: office.x.tld (domain controllers: , )
    domain: devo.x.tld (domain controllers: dcd01.devo.x.tld , dcd02.devo.x.tld )

    All domain controllers are Windows 2008 R2 Standard.

    User accounts reside in OFFICE.x.tld, and are used to access resources in PROD.x.tld and (inter-forest) DEV.x.tld

    A trust relationship exists between OFFICE.x.tld and DEV.x.tld

    All servers are VMs running in a WMware vSphere 4.1 environment.

    We would like have a domain named dev.x.tld in Forest 02 , to keep with our planned naming conventions.

    However, Forest 01 dev.x.tld was the first data center of we created. Unfortunately, we did not foresee the naming conflicts that would result with the future data center in Forest 02.

    i.e., we were not aware that we could not have two domain controllers named dc01 in the forest, even though the FQDNs were different (dc01.x.tld vs

    Our current plan is to

    (1) join the servers in DEV to DEVO

    (2) decommission DEV

    (3) rename DEVO to DEV using rendom


    If anyone has done this, what are some undocumented pitfalls we should be aware of?

    And is there a better way to do this?

    PS – I didn’t realize it, but this is my 101st post!

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