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    Hello friends nice to meet all .

    My AD sitting another location and my location in have a ADC ( Additional domain Controller )


    1. I am not able to add clients to domain

    * This client already a member of computers group and now deleted in ADC ,this deletion replicates to my DC also *

    When i change work group to Domain hit Enter asking user name and password after supply i got this error message .I am able to ping my DC and ADC from client machine .

    Error: Network path not found


    If i Add New client ( First time ) i am able to add as a domain computer

    Looking for Help

    operating system: Windows 2003 Ent Edition
    DNS service running in this same machine
    ADC placed in my place
    In IPaddress assigned a primary DNS server is my ADC

    My advance thanks to all :bowdown:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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