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    Hello, i would love to use the search function and find exactly what i am looking for. but i dont really know how to word it.

    here is the situation:

    i currently have 2 Server 2003 standard SP2 servers. one is a primary DC and the exchange server (6.5), DHCP and DNS. The other is a secondary DC and sharepioint.

    I have a brand new box setup with server 2008 R2 and i have purchased exchange 2010.

    My company has changed names and I would like to setup the new server to replace the primary DC and all the roles it has. i want this new server to be a different named domain to reflect the company’s new name.

    I am not sure of the proper method. Should i setup the new domain completely on the new server (including exchange). then somehow migrate?

    or should i add the new server to the existing domain then try and rename the entire thing?

    i am lost and i could use some guidance!

    thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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