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    I work for a company that have our own domain, our parent company has there own domain and want to know the implications of domain integration. We run w2k3 and w2k3 exchange, the same firewalls and SMTP mail forwarding by different ISPs.

    I need to know what the implications are in doing this for example, users with our child company domain profiles, will lose those for the new domain, this has a rather large effect on remote users who are not in the office that often.

    What other significant issues are there for this in a multisited infrastructure looking to intergrate domains with another. ?

    Oh and BTW the reason for this to ensure we can share GALS etc as well as data within the organisation. Would this mean that the IS would have to be hosted on one exchange box ? How could this be done so that the child company’s emails addresses remain the same… ?

    I hope this gives some idea of the problems i am facing and trying to get a good idea of what effect this would have within the child company and the parent, and whether administrative rights change….

    I have to present this comprehensively by thursday !!! HELPPPPPPPPPppppppppp

    P.s i am not expected to perform the work, but give a good idea of what is involved so as to help plan appropriately.

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