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    Hello all, I’ve been tasked with consolidated some of our domain controllers and wanted to see if I had everything lined up in order to perform this task. Here are the details:

    Location 1 –
    DC01 – AD, DNS, DHCP (global catalog)
    DC02 – AD, DHCP (global catalog)

    Location 2 –
    DC01 – AD, DNS, DHCP (global catalog)

    Location 3 –
    DC01 – AD, DNS, DHCP (holds Schema, Domain Naming, RID, and PDC Roles) (global catalog)
    DC02 – AD (Holds Infrastructure role) (no global catalog)

    Location 4 –
    DC01 – AD, DNS, DHCP (global catalog)

    Now, Location 1 & 2 domain controllers will remain while 3 & 4 domain controllers will be decommissioned. Location 3 & 4 have one active dhcp scope each and I would like to import that into Location 1 & 2. I plan on moving the 4 roles (schema, domain naming, RID, and PDC) to DC01 at location 1. And the infrastructure role to Location 1 DC02 (then uncheck global catalog). Locations 3 & 4 will still be active with end users. All sites are connected via DS3.

    My main question is there anything I need to do specifically for DNS before I shut down DNS at location 3 & 4? I’ve been trying to find if any of these servers are the “primary” dns server where all others replicate from.

    I appreciate everyones help. If you need me to perform something to help diagnose, just let me know and I’ll post back with the info.

    Edit– all servers are 2003

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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