DNS won’t create PTR record in Reverse Lookup.

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    So far it doesn’t cause any problem, but it might in the future so…

    I have 2 DNS server, the primary domain controller is the primary one and the secondary domain controller is a copy of the PDC to create redundancy. So, everything is fine the forward lookup zone, but the reverse lookup zone is missing some entries. The reverse lookup zone has 3 containers from the 3 subnets used:


    The PDC is on the 192.168.10.* network, however, the only entry i have in the reverse lookup zone of 192.168.10.* is the server. All the machines that were added to the domain aren’t there. Though, they are in the forward lookup zone.

    So, i’m just wondering why no PTR are added to the reverse zone if they’re sucessfully created in the forward one !



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