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DNS / WINS – pointed hostname to other server and moved chares

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    Hi there,
    I just encountered a problem I thought was solved.

    Computer-A: Windows SBS 2003, running DNS/WINS/Exchange etc.

    Computer-B: Windows 2000 server which only serve as file server.

    I have a share on Computer-B called Data, software has been written addressing the UNC path \Computer-BData as storage area. I created a share called Computer-AData and moved all the files from Computer-BData there. I unplugged Computer-B, opened DNS Management, deleted Computer-B host and created a CNAME for Computer-B with the same ip address as Computer-A.

    I cannot access the share.

    I can ping Computer-B and it will reply from the Computer-A ip address.
    I can access the share using \ipaddressData and \Computer-AData.

    I get prompt for username and password when I try to access the share through \Computer-BData.

    I tried restarting WINS and DNS services on Computer-A, I repaired the local area connection on the workstation, restarted the workstation (I can not restart the server), created an entry in the hosts file referring Computer-B to the Computer-A ip address on the workstation…

    I’m running out of ideas… has anyone seen this?

    All tips and tricks are welcome!
    Kind regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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