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    I am receiving these errors when I try to set up a new reverse zone on my DNS servers. The forward zones I have set up work fine and the zone transfer tabs are set up correctly on the master server. Does anyone have any ideas why the forward zones would work and the reverse zones would not? Does anyone know of any troubleshooting tools for transfers? The secondary server is able to connect to the master server and find out that there is a newer version of the zone there but the transfer never works.

    Event ID: 6522
    A more recent version, version 7 of zone was found at DNS server at Zone transfer is in progress.

    Event ID: 6523
    Zone failed zone refresh check. Unable to connect to master DNS server at to receive zone transfer. Check that the zone contains correct IP address for the master server or if network failure has occurred. For more information, see “To update the master server for a secondary zone” in the online Help. If available, you can specify more than one master server in the list for this zone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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