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    Hello people,

    Having a problem with SBS 2003 server that can’t seem to resolve or takes a long time to resolve external DNS queeries.

    Server is set up with one nic and is a DC.

    IP – Subnet Mask – Gateway
    DNS – wins

    The problem started with clients taking ages to open web pages but I added the gateway address to the DNS servers in the DHCP scope which cured the problem.

    I’m thinking adding the gateway address in to the alternate DNS entry in the nic will more than likely cure the problem but I’d like to know if this is standard practice. The reason for asking is I have various Servers set up the same way and have never had to add the gateway address either into the server nic or into the scope options in DHCP.

    Am I just masking a problem by doing this or is that the way it should be set up?

    Could anyone clarify?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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