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    Bob Goodman

    My new W2K3 install was working great yesterday. Booted it up today to put it into production and DNS is not working. When I go to dnsmgmt, right click server, click Properties, then click Monitor tab and run the Simple and Recursive tests the Simple test passes every time but the Recursive test is failing. How do I find what’s wrong with the Recursion?

    I have static IP address on both NICs in the server.

    On DNS Server Properties:
    Interfaces: Checked “Only the following IP address: have both internal NIC addresses listed

    DNS Domain: “All other DNS domains.
    Select domain’s forwarder IP address list: (our ISPs primary and secondary listed)

    Everything else is default on the other tabs.

    At this point I have installed on this server: AD, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Remote Access/VPN, Terminal Server, Application Server, Print Server, File Server.

    When I need to put the server/new network on the internet I connect it to the live router. Over the weekend I set that live router to be in our new subnet but gave it’s DHCP server a scope outside of the range of the scope on the DHCP server.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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