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    Hello folks.
    I have recently been called to check on a standard exchange 2007 server which it was getting blacklisted due probably to using a smarthost on the ISP who is blacklisted on the entire range of the ip used to send mail. So I ve reverted to using the best practiced MX record. ie
    2 Days later, customer rings and complaints that the server gets blacklisted on his router address and its host name “staticdslrouters.routername.isp.net” ! The mail header shows cleanly that this is the address used and not the MX records’…
    The customer has the following setup on the ISP
    A pool of 8 static ip’s ( to .17)which he can only use them as long as he uses the router address.
    An A record pointing to one of the 8 addresses :
    ie mail.company.com –
    the MX record that points to mail.company.com

    So , I ve got setup my mail exchange “right” according to the isp…

    Now, the “internal” AD structure is a somewhat “funky”.
    The main AD domain is set up as “internal.company.com” (Netbios name is INTERNAL) . The parent zone “company.com” is not anywhere in AD nor DNS.
    The guy who built the AD there built it like this there is no redundant domain or anything. He said to the customer “since you ll be using company.com for your outside domain , I ll set up the internal.company.com here” ….:-(

    The most troubling , though, is that he is getting in the BL’s due to misconfiguration of the MX record side….

    There is not an option to configure the customer’s router with the mx record’s IP so to rid of the problem. You see ISP sais ‘you got to use this ip to have the octet of addresses’.
    So , we do. but when we do, barracuda black lists us , probably because we use a different IP for the MX and a different IP for the sender server .
    As a last resort, should I use the router’s IP as the MX record as you describe in your article here, which is a method I always try to use myself.
    ISP is beyond communication I m affraid as they will not admit to any fault whatsoever…
    What are we doing “wrong” if any?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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