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    we have a 2k3 domain

    one of the servers handles DNS.

    it is configured with forwarders that go out to our ISPs DNS for external DNS resolution.

    our DHCP server is configured to provide DNS address to each client with their lease. so, the first DNS address they are provided (primary DNS) is our internal DNS servers IP address. the secondary DNS provided is our ISPs DNS.

    here is the problem i am having. whenever I nslookup, trying to find an internal address, the client computers dont even try to use the internal DNS server for resolution. it just defaults it to the secondary nameserver.

    C:Documents and SettingsOwner>nslookup
    *** Can’t find server name for address Non-existent domain
    Default Server: xxxx.ourISP.net
    Address: xx.xx.xx.xx

    > internalnode1
    Server: xxxx.ourISP.net
    Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
    *** xxxx.ourISP.net can’t find internalnode1: Non-existent domain
    > exit

    i know for sure our internal DNS is functioning for several reasons:
    1. if I type “server” into nslookup and then query, i get all of the internal names resolved perfectly fine.
    2. if I go into DHCP, and remove the secondary DNS addresses (of our ISP) from being provided along with the lease, and then ipconfig /release and /renew a client computer, nslookup finds all of the internal addresses perfectly fine.

    but, just for redundancy sake, i dont want to leave the client computers with only our internal DNS without having a failsafe in case it takes a nosedive.

    any ideas on why this would be? especially that initial message that nslookup gives us about not being able to find the name for is it simply because we dont have a RLZ (and thus, no PTR record for the DNS server itself)?

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