DNS in Windows Server 2003

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    I am (have been for a while) studying for exam 070-292, which has a large portion (about 25 percent) focus’d on DNS.

    I’ve gone over lots of study material, sample questions, guides, etc. but I am still coming up with a couple questions…

    I was wondering if any DNS (Microsoft DNS) experts can help me out with a couple things.

    (and if at all possible, try to relate this to how Microsoft would be asking about things on tests, i.e. the ol’ ‘what would Microsoft do’ scenario)

    There is always only one Primary (standard) zone server in a zone, correct? So how does it work when you make Active Directory Integrated zones, and you have multiple DNS servers? Are they considered secondary yet, and can they be updated or are they still read only, even though ADI?

    When you create a new zone you have to choose Primary or secondary, or stub, then you have the check box to make them ADI… Does that mean they are no longer really primary or secondary and are just “ADI zones”?

    When Microsoft asks questions about slow WAN links and keeping down replication traffic they are basically talking about using caching only servers, correct?

    And stub servers are used to keep an updated list of name servers, in… child zones?

    Speaking of child zones… can someone explain a little about zone delegation, and how that works, and how / why you create child zones?

    Thanks in advance, I hope someone can give me some good pointers! Test retake in 5 days :/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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