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    This is a small business 2 servers 12 machines.
    Primary server does everything DNS, DHCP, file and app hosting etc. The machine has been working flawlessly since install until now. The second server is an old server 2003 box that hosts a single application all dns requests are forwarded to the primary server.

    Primary server:
    DNS listening on interface
    Default gateway is (sonicwall) (no settings changed there either)
    Default DNS:
    DNS Forwarders:,,

    Secondary server:
    DNS listening on interface
    Default gateway is (sonicwall) (no settings changed there either)
    Default DNS:
    DNS Forwarders:

    We recently had our static block changed due to ATT selling all of their lines and services here in CT. We got switched from the 163 block to the 32 block. After that issue with the modem was corrected due to the static IP change the DNS is not working properly. We have started to get Event ID error 404, 407, 408, 4013 as well.

    No settings have changed in the primary DNS server and we have confirmed that. The primary DNS server and the client computers can work locally and ping by IP address and DNS address but cannot access the internet by DNS or IP ping and of course cannot browse the web.

    This is the strange thing the 2nd server which DNS only points to the first server can access the internet and local network by DNS and IP. If I shutdown the primary DNS server the 2nd server cannot get outside the local network. I find it very odd that this server can access the internet but the primary server hosting all the DNS requests and it’s clients cannot.

    It also appears that the networking adapter is sometimes getting stuck in identifying mode after a server reboot and claims there is no local or internet connectivity. There obviously is because I’m RDP into the server from a local machine on their network.

    We have tried the following:

    remove the DNSParameters ListenAddress value (event id 408) – this value does not exist in the registry.

    Reset the network interface, updated network drivers, winsock reset, shutdown DNS and netlogon and flushed dns, rebooted the server, checked the settings a zillion times,

    For a temporary work around I have set all the client machines with a primary dns of and a secondary dns of so that they can access files on their server and get out to the web.

    Anyone have any suggestions we are stumped on this one?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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