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    Hi all just looking for some advice. we have different iP zones set for WiFi, VPN and Wired.
    Just trying to figure the best way to set the DHCP lease and the scavenging to remove or at least limit the duplicate IP issue we are currently facing.
    Example: someone works from home on VPN in the morning then heads to the office and plugs in. Later they go to a meeting taking their laptop and connect to WiFi. Currently they will have 3 entries in DNS. I’m looking to limit the time that this will cause an issue for us, as I dontthink we can eliminate it fully.

    I’m thinking of creating 2 new zones vpn.company and wifi.company and setting scavening/no refresh to 12 hours each and the DHCP lease to 8 hours. May need to do the same with the wired connections too. Will increase traffic, but duplicate IP’s is causing the VPN clients to get issues at times.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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