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    I’ve been having a few issues with file & print sharing & also DNS, I can’t seam to connect to some PCs when I should be able to. I think this may be down to either the DHCP or DNS we have set up.

    The DHCP enabled on our local LAN woks on a 192.168.0.x range. We also use the following ranges:

    192.168.2.x – used for servers
    192.168.10.x – used for computers on a different subnet / building
    192.168.102.x – used for VOIP telecoms

    I’ve noticed that some computers have a DNS A Record pointer in the forward lookup zones which is different form the record in the reverse lookup zone. I also spotted that the IP address of the a PC in the forward zone is in use be a totally different PC in the DHCP address pool. As an example:

    DNS Forward Lookup Zone
    Computer001 =

    DNS Reverse Lookup Zone
    Computer001 =

    DHCP Reservation Pool
    Computer055 –

    My question is how are the DNS A-records created, is this something that has to be done manually, or are they added automatically by something? I don’t want to go changing things until I know how this works.

    Finally I also noticed that the DHCP has a yellow exclamation mark against the DHCP server – see attached, any suggestions how to find out what the issue is?

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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