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    I have 2 domain controllers on windows 2008.
    Both are synced.

    I have issues with new Linux and Mac computers / servers I add to the Domain.
    While installing a new Linux machine there is an option to add the computer name. This section is always getting filled with the latest installed Linux server / computer name. For example, I installed a new Linux and gave it the name “Linux1”. The next Linux I will install will automatically will be filed with the same “Linux1” name on the second installation and all the following installations.

    In Mac computers I have another issue which is that the MAC computer always changes the computer name (when joining the domain) and receives a computername which is already exists in the domain (can be a Windows computer name as well).

    Frustrating :???:

    Your help is appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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