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    Maybe I’m overthinking this, but I’ve inherited an Exchange 2007 server (single server MB, HT, CAS) that has been called “webmail.domain.com”. Arrgh.
    Of course the Exchange URL’s (EWS, OWA, etc) are “webmail.domain….. . The cert is called webmail as well. I wish the server was called anything else.
    I have gone ahead and installed Exchange 2013 with server name EX2013.
    Given the Exchange 2007 server name, I don’t know what is the best course of action regarding how the proxying will work. I am suppose to point the Exchange 2013 server to “webmail”, and the Exchange 2007 to “legacy” via DNS.

    Again, if I’m making this more difficult than it needed to be, please be gentle :).

    Please see the setup below

    Exchange Server 2007
    FQDN: webmail.domain.com
    OWA: webmail.domain.com/owa

    Exchange Server 2013
    FQDN: EX2013.domain.com

    Thank you in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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