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    Hello, everyone.
    I wrote a script to modify any attribute of an Active Directory object. I added this script on the context menu in ADUC for user objects. (I followed the steps described here http://petri.com/add_unlock_user_option_to_dsa.htm)

    Here is the script:

    Set wshArguments = WScript.Arguments
    Set objUser = GetObject(wshArguments(0))

    strAttribute = InputBox(Attribute,Attribute,”example”)
    strValue = InputBox(Value,Value,”example-value”)

    objUser.put strAttribute, strValue

    msgbox “Done – ” & objuser.sAMAccountName

    This works fine but what if I want to change an attribute to more than one user at a time? I tried to select more names and execute the script from the context menu but nothing happend. Is there a trick to make it work with more objects?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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