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Disk Queue Length ?

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    Our organization is having some slowness problems particularly when most are logging on and off so mornings and 330 or so I’ve been through everything bandwidth etc we have 10G switches but I’ve come across this I believe is the problem on our server that we redirect everyones desktop and profile etc. On that drive in he resource monitor there is a section for Disk Queue Length that I’ve read should be 0-2. Ours averages 5-10 and spikes to 50 during these slowness times. All our servers are VMware, its on a SAN with SSD drives so what can I do to resolve this. Its just on the drive that that data is on so we’ve been considering creating another drive and splitting up the users profile folders or do we need another separate server? How can I fix this problem

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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