Disabling KCC for Large Enterprises: a phylosophical view [Long post]

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    Hello everyone.

    Me and Luke were recently enjoying a philosophical discussion (as usual, see, http://forums.petri.com/showthread.php?t=3236 :-) ) about how much useful is disabling KCC from generating inter-site topology for connecton objects for reaplication in a Single or Multiple domain Large Enterprise.

    During past 3/4 years we acquired much experience in designing and implementing an Active Directory infrastructure for Enterprises with more than 10.000 users. We had the opportunity to design and implement Single Forest with many (more than 15) child domains, and Single Forests with Single Domain world-wide-spread; sometimes for political reasons, due to a not-fully-trusted-administrator at remote sites, some other times for technical reasons (bandwidth), we always had the necessity to disable KCC. We needed the full control over generation of connectors and a new Domain Controller creation should have not triggered KCC from running again, so we just stopped it.

    Discussing more generally, we realized that usually KCC is designed to run normally and Microsoft designed KCC to run also for many sites (more than 500). Also, Windows 2000 pre-SP2 had many problems generating an inter-site topology for domains with more than 400 sites. Windows 2003 introduced a new feature for KCC Inter-site Generation Topology when raising to Windows 2003 Native Forest Functional Level.

    Recently we are working with one of our customers which is going to consolidate current Windows 2000 Active Directory Structure (1 Empty Root Domain with 6 Child Domain, one per Region) to Windows 2003 Active Directory Structure made-up by 1 single domain worldwide. We are not project designer for this project and we have seen that actual project designer made a choice we consider “absolutely-unexplainable-choice”: 1 Domain, 1730 subnets in 690 Sites, 550 Sitelinks displaced in a hub-&-spoke topology, KCC still running for inter-site topology and Bridging of all site links enabled :shock: …..
    We don’t really understand this choice. Leaving KCC enabled AND Bridging of All Site Links enabled has the same result as just creating 1 single SiteLink displaced in a backbone topology with all 500 sites put inside this single SiteLink. The only reason we can imagine is that with hub-n-spoke topology you can set different schedulation and latency. Sorry that for some political reasons we cannot ask these project designers the reason for this choice :-(

    In your experience, how frequent is to disable KCC in such environment? Are we completely wrong when we decide to have a full control over topology generation or is there some systems engineer out there that has the same feelings?

    So the question is: “is it really useful / frequent behaviour, the practice of disabling KCC from generating inter-site connectors for Large Enterprises?”

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