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    Hi good people out there.

    This morning I woke up to some rude shock. I discovered that a few of my PC’s have been registered in the neighbours domain and a few few of my neighbours PC’s have been registered in mine. This has never happened before which led me to believe that I was attacked by some hackers. I can see the specific DNS suffix for my neighour organisation who is half a mile away.

    I ran Ipconfig/all on one client machine and I can see that:

    :- IP Address is not from my range but neighbours range
    :- Default Gateway is my neighbours
    :- DHCP Server IP is for my neighbour
    :- DNS servers are min
    :- Primary and Secondary Wins are my neighbours

    The registration details tell me that the lease was obained at 23:10 hrs CAT. We do not work during these hours.

    I checked my DHCP, it is authorised ok. I checked my DNS but I do not see any records of these neighbours A host records. My DHCP has a few of neighbours cleints registered which I deleted. I also noted that instead of mac address, I have RAS listed instead. I used RAS only for static IP routing

    What do I need to do next to confirm that I was hacked into and how do I track whoever it was doing this?

    Jajabinghx :-(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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