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    the range I have on the single forest root server is to assign address from –

    I have no more then 140 devices on the network all counted, however after looking through the address leases i was alarmed to notice that there have been 190 address assigned, after closer inspection i see the leases start at 1 and go in uniform or order to 122 then there is a big jump to 148 and then a jump to 180, so there has been NO allocation of 125 – 147 and NO allocation of 160 upwards, I can confirm there are no reservations,

    I have deleted all the leases but next day i check and still the big jumps are there to see :???:

    cant understand why there are big jumps, and now i am worried :? that ill run out of avaliable address, when 200 is ample …

    cheers in advanced

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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