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    I have a problem with Windows clients finding a new DHCP server on a new domain. The clients are all currently receiving IPs from the old 2008 R2 server on the old domain, but all time out when I try to have them find the new 2012 R2’s server. All clients have been migrated to the new domain and this is the last server role to migrate.

    I’ve done all the usual things like disabling DHCP on the old server, activating it and authorizing it on the new to no avail. DNS tests all pass and I’ve come up empty trying to get results from command line tests since they all pass. Each Windows 7 or 10 computer on the new domain will time out and not be able to find the new DHCP server. I ran netsh dhcp show server and it shows up on he server, but nothing I do has made any changes client side, including flushing dns.

    Any help or insight is much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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