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    Hello. I have read over some of the posts regarding this, but am a little confused between two things.

    Got an 03 domain. One 08R2 server. Am working on converting the other 03 servers to 08 one at a time. One of these 03 servers is hosting DHCP which has about 40 scopes, 7297 addresses with 1068 in use. Like the other posts, I need minimal downtime with whatever gets done keeping the same address as the old server had.

    I have read two processes, one using the netsh command where you export/import the dhcp db etc. and the other where you use the new 08R2 Migration tool. What is the difference though?? Apparantly both are solutions but the 08 tool takes longer. The server that hosts DHCP is also the primary DNS server. So this would actually be a two step process. Moving DHCP and DNS to another server running 08R2 that will have the same ip address as the original.

    Can someone offer some guidance on this, suggestions, differences. Please.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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