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    I am having trouble installing WinXP SP2 on an Intel DG45FC (mini-ITX) motherboard. This motherboard has no PATA interface and no PS2. So CD/DVD is SATA, HDD is SATA, Mouse is USB and Keyboard is USB.

    Just to confirm it is WinXP SP2 I wish to install, I don’t wish to go directly to SP3 at this time, since one of the purpose of the unit it to perform software compatibility testing with SP2 and then SP3 at a later date.

    This means I can not install from CD, since the install process hangs right after I press any key to boot from CD. I suspect this is due to being SP2 and due to SATA based CD drive.

    However I do have a working PXE and RIS setup, this is using Linux as the server element of the process. I have performed many WinXP installations using this setup without requiring to insert a CD at all.

    Although I use the term RIS for the remainder of this posting I really mean my version of RIS that uses TFTP server and Samba file server on Linux, not the official Microsoft RIS tool chain.

    The problem is the BSoD after the reboot, error 0x0000007B. I am able to with PXE+RIS get through the entire text-mode install (load F6 driver, detect storage, partition, format NTFS, copy file, setup registry and then reboot). Upon reboot within a few seconds of first seeing the graphical Windows XP logo and before any graphical install dialog appears I get my BSoD.

    The motherboard BIOS has been updated, and it has 4 modes of settings.
    * Legacy (text-mode setup work, BSoD on reboot)
    * Native with IDE (text-mode setup work, BSoD on reboot)
    * Native with RAID (this mode does not interest me since I do not wish to use Intel RAID support and only 1 HDD is present in this tiny PC, mini-ITX form factor motherboard).
    * Native with AHCI (the F6 driver I have does not work, I get to the text-mode setup but no storage can be found, so I can not proceed to partition it).

    There appears to be no difference between “Legacy” and “Native with IDE” from my point of view. I have successfully installed Vista and Linux on this same system. All Vista needed was “Legacy” to be set in the BIOS to install from CD.

    To be crystal clear about the hardware I have installed the information from Vista/Linux report for following descriptions and PCI PnP ids :

    “Intel(R) ICH10 Family 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller2 – 3A26” => PCIVEN_8086&DEV_3A26&…..
    “Intel(R) ICH10 Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller1 – 3A20” => PCICEN_8086&DEV_3A20&…..

    I notice in this forum thread it talks


    Since confirms what I have found that the ONLY drivers from Intel with these specific PCI PnP ids listed is the Intel Chipset Driver (not the Matrix Storage driver!) . When inspecting this package (by running the EXE and manually digging out the extract file from C:UsermyusernameAppDataTemp etc…) I have the files:


    However they do not seem to link to any *.SYS file, so where is the damn driver ?

    So my next question is, since I do not use any “sysprep”, how might I merge these *.INF and *.CAT files into my PXE+RIS setup ?

    Also how do these INF and CAT files instruct WinXP as to which driver file to use ? As I can not see any.

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