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    Can anyone help me with this issue I have, we run multiple remote sites with file servers running DFSR, each remote file server replicates with its own DFSR partner in a Datacenter. Here’s the setup:

    Site 1 – Remote site with file Server running DFSR
    Site 2 – Datacenter with file server running DFSR acting as DR failover server for Site 1

    • DFSR is in a read-write between server on site 1 & site 2
    • All users are located on Site 1 and only access files on the Site 1 local file server

    I keep seeing Event ID 4412 for conflict resolution errors on the Site 2 DFSR file server. I would expect to see this on Site 1 as this is where multiple users are accessing files but there are no users accessing files on the Site 2 file server.

    I’ve checked “Open Files” & “netstat -ano” for traffic on the Site 2 file server and there is nothing open.

    Does anyone know what could be causing these issues

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