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    I am wanting to take advantage of DFSR;
    My current sitrep is:
    We are in a workgroup but striving towards AD. We do currently have an AD (forest level 2008) but none of our current production users are in it yet. Production is all in workgroups.
    We have two Dell servers running 2008 r2 with 3tb each, which we plan to implement DFSR and replecation:

    1. The files that will be in the name space are very dynamic. Various and many users are consatntly making changes to the files throughout the day.
    2. We are in two locations linked by a slow wan and bandwith is an issue
    3. if replication occurs every time a file changes, i am afraid bandwith will choke and the network will slow to a crawl
    4. if replication only occurs after hours (most of our users only work 9 to 5) then there is danger of many users using outdated versions, which could be catastrophic.

    I am considering scheduling replication to occur during the lunch break, but am unsure of the duration needed for such to occur..

    Any input?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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