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    Hi all,
    My company have asked me to implement two Win2k8 standard servers, one based in the HQ and another DC at our DR site. The HQ DC handles all the domain roles and the DR DC just a server.

    What I have been asked to do is set-up DFS replication between the two sites for user data and finance. The replication works perfectly but they want the DR site to carry the DFS tasks should the HQ go offline.
    Now the problem I have is that when we tested the DFS by taking the HQ DC offline, we get an access denied error. So it seems that the DR site is not carrying out the DFS tasks expected.

    I do know that if one of the servers was Win2K8 Enterprise I would user DFS cluster but this is not available in the standard edition.

    Could someone please help me get this working? :???:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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