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    [SIZE=14px]Hello All Techs,[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]I am having issue with DFSR. here is an information about my Environment.[/SIZE]

    • DC01 – AD, DNS – Domain Function level is 2008


    • DFS01 – Windows Storage Server 2008 – Existing DFS Members


    • DFS02 – Windows Storage Server 2008 – Existing DFS Members


    • DFS03 – Windows Server 2012 Standard – New DFS Member


    [SIZE=14px]Here is what i what to do:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]I want to deploy DFS on our New DFS03 server and it should replication with DFS01 only. Later when the replication between DFS01 and DFS03 will be verified and find successful. I would remove the DFS02 from DFS as don’t need it.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Here is what i have done so far:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Installed the DFS Role on DFS03 server.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Setup the DFS initial configuration.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14px]Open the DFS Management Snap-In[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14px]Checked and found that i can see all the Namespaces and Replication Groups listed when i try adding it to display.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Now, i have added one Replication Group to display on DFS03. and added the DFS03 server as a new member. What happened now is that in DFS01 server that DFS group is showing an exclamation mark. And when i click on it, it says:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]”The replication group cannot be queried. The replication group’s version number is not supported this MMC snap-in”[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]So, what is did is created new folder on the DFSRoot of DFS01 server and added a new NameSpace and Replication Group and Added DFS03 as the secondary member to replicate. It works.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Again, when i choose another Replication Group Folder on DFS01 server and add DFS03 server as member. But didn’t work. However, what happened here is now is very strange:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=14px]I can see that Replication Group on DFS02 and DFS03 but NOT on DFS01 anymore.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14px]Please help..[/SIZE]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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