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    A company is redesigning their email system, which will look like this:


    1. Internet mail senders
    2. MTA – postfix + various spam processes
    3. MDA – Microsoft Exchange 2010
    4. MUA – Microsoft Outlook & smartphone apps


    1. MUA – same as incoming
    2. MDA – same as incoming
    3. MTA – same as incoming
    4. Internet recipients

    Special requirements

    1. We have (~100) different domains
    2. The From: header field of all outgoing (reply) messages MUST be automatically identical to the incoming recipient (To:) address

    Incoming To: [email protected]
    Delivered to: Group:
    Group Members: Alice, Bob, Mary, Tom

    Regardless who in Group responds:
    Outgoing From: [email protected]
    Similarly for other incoming To: [email][email protected][/email] , [email][email protected][/email] , etc.; except, Group members will be different

    Request for Microsoft Exchange solution advice
    How can we configure Groups in Microsoft Exchange to effectively handle these situations?
    We are not currently using Groups & have not found documentation on how to accomplish this

    ~ Mike

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