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    Hello all,

    I’ve created a custom form and have need to deploy it, I currently have a VB Script to do this but it seems to fail modifying the registry when a non-admin user runs the logon script. Is there another way to deploy this custom form that will suceed on non-admin workstations?

    Here’s the snippet of code I’m running (and it works fine for admins)

    Case “corp_mis”
    FormPath = “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice11.0OutlookCustom Forms”
    CompPath = “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice11.0OutlookCustom FormsCompose”
    ReadPath = “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice11.0OutlookCustom FormsRead”
    WSHShell.RegWrite FormPath & “”, “REG_SZ”, True
    WSHShell.RegWrite CompPath & “”, IPM.Appointment, “REG_BINARY:49,50,4d,2e,41,70,70,6f,69,6e,74,6d,65,6e,74,2e,72,65,71,75,65,73,74,5f,74,65,6d,70,6c,61,74,65,0,49,50,4d,2e,41,70,70,6f,69,6e,74,6d,65,6e,74,2e,72,65,71,75,65,73,74,5f,74,65,6d,70,6c,61,74,65,0”, True
    WSHShell.RegWrite ReadPath & “”, IPM.Appointment, “REG_BINARY:49,50,4d,2e,41,70,70,6f,69,6e,74,6d,65,6e,74,2e,72,65,71,75,65,73,74,5f,74,65,6d,70,6c,61,74,65,0”, True

    corp_mis is the test group I’m deploying this to, but it will be deployed (nearly) enterprise wide.

    I’ve looked at GPO but it seems you can’t deploy HEX reg settings that way.

    I’ve looked at the office.adm files (for outlook) and can’t seem to find the custom form deployment there either.

    Anyone have any useful suggestions?


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