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Deploy printer will not install via GPO

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    Been racking my head over this for weeks. I’m not sure if there is something skewed with my AD/DS setup or I’m missing something, or some other entity working against me at this point.

    Anyway, attempted to deploy a printer currently installed on my 2008 R2 server via GPO to a container with computer and user configs. And I can’t get it to install without given user(s)/Security Group(s) the “Manage” rights. But, this allows the users to change the properties on the server object and that’s not what we want. Can’t seem to find a resolve to this at all.

    All searches, videos, and forums I’ve researched all say to do it the way I’ve been doing it but it just will not install.

    Here is what I did:

    Installed “Role” on server “Print Management”.
    Installed printers with print drivers for both x86 and 64bit.
    R/Clicked printer object “Deploy Printer”.
    Choose the container I want to link it to.
    Made sure the object (User or Computer) was in the container depending. I used either or and both at the same time with same results.
    Waited for replication.
    Logged in, but no printer object would install. (Unless I gave “Manage” rights to the User or Sec Group.

    I’ve tried setting:
    The “Point and Print” restrictions… Disabled, Enabled (pointing to server)
    Allow user to install device drivers from these class of devices (There were three classes I listed and they were the correct ones).

    And the list goes on and on.

    Anyone have any idea what I may be missing or may be hindering me from getting this done?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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