Dell PE 1750, 2650 SP1

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    I hope this isn’t old news, if it is I apologize.

    It is possible that PE 1750 and 2650 servers with an OEM install of MS Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (possibly Web Edition as well) are not compatible with Windows 2k3 SP1. A few registry entries need to be tweaked to achieve SP1 compatibility. If you don’t “patch” the registry before updating to SP1 your 1750 (2650) might keep rebooting in an endless cycle. Not good…
    Fortunately Dell has recently issued a regfix that can be applied before SP1 is installed and a regfix that can be applied after it’s (almost) too late, i.e. SP1 has been installed w/o the regfix… The latter comes as a handy (bootable) CD image.
    As far as I know this applies only to 1750s (and 2650) that were built before January 2005.

    Happy updating!


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