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    The following startup script deletes temporary files on logon, however, some files are locked, because I started the script up by simply copying the batch file within Start > Startup folder.

    Assuming it is safe to delete temporary files, is there some way of running the script before the files within C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTemp are locked by WinXP SP3 during logon?

    @echo off
    cd %APPDATA%
    cd ..
    cd Local Settings
    cd temp
    del *.* /F /Q > del_temp_files.log

    Are there any other temporary files which you would consider deleting to save on disk space?

    It’s noted that del_temp_files.log does not get written to within C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup, have I used incorrect syntax?

    For example, I was intending to delete uninstall information from C:WINDOWS, however, I would want to delete folders (e.g. $NTUninstallKB????) that are older than 4 weeks, how can I script this?
    Why would you retain these files? What is your opinion on the safety of retaining uninstall information for fixes?

    I am running Win XP SP3.

    I have been unable to find the Group Policy mentioned within this article, is this because my computer is not part of a domain?

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