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    We are running SBS2003 and are archiving old e-mail. We purchased a archiving program (Mailstore) and have been archiving old e-mails. Before archiving we had about 7 years of old e-mails store in exchange (about 50,000). After archiving, about 30,000 were move into archive and deleted from exchange). I have verified that this has occured by looking at the message count in the First Storage Group. The problem is this: before archiving, the 1221 event showed there was 928MB of white space, after archiving it shows 1MB.

    The reason for archiving was because the store group was approaching the default 18GB size. We want to reduce this. My assumption is that once e-mails are deleted and the store is compacted, the size should be reduced. Should I not see more white space instead of less.

    I have checked the setting and, for test purposed, have set the store to removed deleted mail in 0 days and to disregard whether a successfull backup has occured. Still the white space remains he same, or less, no matter how many e-mails I remove.

    Can anyone assist?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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