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    A customer of mine has a scenario where if he copies a file or files from his server to his workstation, there is a slight delay where it pauses for a few seconds and then does the copy operation.

    If he copies the same file from another workstation to his workstation the copying starts immediately without the pause.

    Apart from the delay when copying from the server, the actual copy operation takes the same time. I really need to get this problem sorted out as I’ve had to move their accounts package from the server onto a workstation at the moment as when it was on the server it kept getting delay write errors and corrupting data.

    What is the most likely cause of this delay?


    Server – Dell PowerEdge 2900, RAID 5, Windows Server SBS 2003, D-Link DGE-528T 1Gb network adapter (onboard Broadcom adapter gave the same problem so this is now disabled)

    Workstations – Dell Optiplex with 10/100 Broadcom adapters

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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