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    Great site by the way – many helpful hints already used.

    I have not found an answer to this here or anywhere else for that matter so here goes..

    I have Server2008 standard edition with AD & one DNS domain, SQL Server 2008 is also installed and I am using this to create reports which I want to email out automatically using ReportManager.

    Unfortunately I have set the DNS up multi-homed (i.e. DNS domain is the same name as the external website (which is also the mail server).

    But no problem – I have added a www and mail record in the DNS forward lookup and I have configured SMTP server to use the external mail address – on the basis that the DNS should resolve this using the mail forward record.

    I have installed SMTP Server which is receiving reports in the Queue folder but not processing them and relaying to the external website.

    So finally to my problem: I am trying to test the SMTP Server to see what its problem is because it is not giving any error messages but it is delaying the queued emails created by SQL Server ReportManager.

    When is use NSLOOKUP i get Unknown Default DNS with Address ::1

    So I figure my issue is the DNS not being found to resolve the SMTP address.

    Now the DNS is working OK in that SQL Server connects to a remote Access database on a domain XP PC – this is working OK.

    Can anyone help – I think I need to configure the DNS so that it is default and has the address of the Server to make SMTP work.

    One final note: before I discovered that adding a www and mail record in forward lookup solves the discrimination between the local DNS and remote website/server I used NETDOM to rename the DNS but then aborted this and manually renamed the DNS back again – should not have done this I know but I am new to DNS and Server2008.

    By the way: I can remote access this server no problem.

    Any help much appreciated.


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