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    I am using Excel 2003 on an XP Pro SP3 machine whose region is set to English UK.

    I have a spreadsheet that I have been using for years and which I have had no problems with until today.

    One of the columns is formatted with a custom date format:

    Format Cells>Custom>mmm-yy

    When I type a date e.g. aug10 it will convert it to Aug-10. That’s fine and is how I expect it to work.

    Today, when I type aug10 or aug-10, after pressing the date is displayed as Aug-11. Anything I now type that has a year on or after 01 (2001) is displayed as 11 (2011).

    However, anything typed in as mmm00 or earlier displays as expected.

    If I re-type mmmdd dates in existing cells they, too, are converted to mmm-11 (except for 00 or earlier).

    If I type aug2010 then the date is displayed correctly: Aug-10

    Anyone know why this is happening, please? I know that I have a solution in that typing the year as four digits instead of two works, but I would like to understand why this behaviour has changed. Is it related to the recent date corrections provided by Windows Update?


    False Alarm! The short date format under Regional Settings in Control Panel had changed so that the year was displayed first (US style). Changing this to dd/mm/yy fixed it!

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