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    Can someone tell me if it’s possible to host copies(for redundancy) of Exchange 2010 mailbox databases on the same server.

    EG. one single ML350 G6(OS will be on other disks) with 4 * 7200 rpm 500gb disk all setup as jbod for database storage. Then 4 mailbox databases and store each mailbox database on 1 each of the disks, so

    database1 is on disk 1
    database2 is on disk 2
    database3 is on disk 3
    database4 is on disk 4

    Am I able to on this single server make database copies of the database on the other JBOD disks for redundancy. EG database1 has a copy on disk 2 database2 has a copy on disk 3 etc etc.

    database1 is on disk 2
    database2 is on disk 3
    database3 is on disk 4
    database4 is on disk 1

    Therefore if a single JBOD disk in this server fails I will have a passive copy ready to take over.

    Everything I have read so far all seems to point to a DAG with 2 or more servers.

    Mark Jones

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