Database backups and recovery methods

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    We have SharePoint 2007 and SQL 2008

    Currently we have maintenance plans setup to backup all databases

    For the two main databases ‘SharepointIntranet’ and ‘SharepointConfig’ we have set to Full recovery but we are finding the transaction logs are filling up rather quickly.

    Originally we had the log configured to the default (2.1tb if I recall) and as such they continued to grow, we ran out of space and realised this was not ideal.

    We’ve since cleared down the logs, set them to 1gb, but are again seeing them grow and reacting to this as and when, again this is not the ideal situation.

    So here’s my question.

    Since we perform full backups of the DB’s which performed every night, is there really a need for full recovery?

    Can we somehow force the transaction logs to stop growing (recycle)

    I’m thinking maybe this timetime

    (full backup) –> (transaction log purged) -> (transaction log required for next period covering working day before the next full backup is performed)

    Hope that makes sense if achievable

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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