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    Howdy folks
    Would really appreciate some advice on this…
    Defining GP for our new domain, which has less than 250 users.
    Want a custom locked-down Start Menu for the basic users.
    Using GPMC/GPOE, but a little disapointed at how much I can actually lock down.
    For example, I want rid of the System Tools sub-menu, as well as some of the entries in the Accessories sub-menu.
    I know there is the ‘Remove Common Groups from Start Menu’ but this removes too much, including the Microsoft office folder!
    The Start Menu and Taskbar section in GPMC doesn’t go into the required detail.
    My understanding is I can create a new .adm file to reflect the desired changes, I’m just wondering if there is another way to customize the Start Menu down to Accessories down to, for example, Address Book.

    Is there a tool which allows an admin to choose which sub-menus/apps in the Start Menu to show?

    Advice very welcome indeed.

    Best regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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